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Do you ever feel like life is in control of you instead of you in control of your life?  You are excellent at work and this part of your life commands most, if not all of your time. But, you spend time wishing you had more time for your personal development, self-care and other projects you are passionate about. 

You just wish you could get started on one of these if only you had more time. That was me too! Until I made the decision to take control of my life: 

To go after my professional ambitions and my personal passions. The quote above changed how I looked at everything I do and how I was living my life.
Natalie-Claire. Engineer. Blogger. Entrepreneur.

I’m Natalie-Claire, a female engineer with a passion for personal development, women in STEM and entrepreneurship. 

I hope you will enjoy taking this journey with me. 

I love to travel, learn new skills, spend quality time with my family, friends and my lovely fiance + wedding planning.

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Natalie-Claire x

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