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Vegan Challenge

I’m challenging myself to be vegan full time, here’s my experience so far.


The plan is simple, to ensure I eat 100% plant-based food in May and hopefully continue. 

I have wanted to go vegan since the beginning of the year but I have been struggling to just do it. So, I decided to challenge myself for a month and track my daily habits. (I downloaded a goal tracker too - every day I put a tick if I was successful or cross if I wasn’t.)

I’ve stacked my fridge, freezer, and cupboards with vegan food so when I'm home I have no problem sticking to my challenge. The real challenge is when I leave the house - that’s when the struggle begins.

I have already been a vegetarian for some time now so I understand the importance of having legumes - pulses and nuts for my protein and iron levels. I can’t live without having green vegetables on my plate as that has always been part of my diet since I was little. 

The Struggle

I have a sweet tooth, so I absolutely love desserts, cakes, and chocolate. They are my weakness. Although I’ve discovered many supermarkets have vegan sweet treats, my struggle often occurs when I’m out and about or at an event where there are a variety of delicious sweet treats on offer to tempt me. 

If I have to buy it, it’s not tempting because when I don't buy it, I save money and stay healthy but the big problem is when it is offered to me - It’s so hard for me to say no. #thestruggleisreal

The best treats I’ve found are in: Tesco, Sainsbury & Waitrose :) and they’re not all made from soya. I’m happy that the ingredients for vegan desserts have now expanded to include coconut, almond, oat and many more non-dairy varieties. 

And a lovely opportunity

I had the opportunity to attend an exclusive bloggers event at Whirlowbrook Hall, Sheffield to taste their new vegan menu. The venue was exquisite and the food was delicious. Every course was carefully created by the chef and served with a complementary drink.

The menu included:


Seasonal Charred Asparagus served alongside a vibrant Pea Puree and a scattering of puffed wild rice finished with a garnish of pea shoots. This starter set the tone for the whole menu delivering fresh, clean flavours.

Main course 

Butternut Squash Risotto topped with Roasted Crispy Shallot. The chia seeds gave a boost of nutrients and crunch.

Dessert - My favourite part 

Dark Chocolate and Caramel Brownie that was as light as it was delicious, with fresh raspberries that cleansed the palette: the perfect partner to the rich chocolate flavours and accompanying delicate hazelnut praline.

The location, venue and the food was absolutely amazing - It’s definitely on my top 3 for the wedding! ;)

Do you have any tips to help me stay on track to being vegan? Comment below.
Natalie-Claire x 

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