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How to Create an Empowering Vision Board

What is a vision board

A vision board is a visual representation of your hopes, dreams, and goals. It is a collection of pictures and words put on a board (or paper). Creating a vision board allows you to see daily, all the things you want to do, have and be.

My Vision board @NCLengineer
My Vision Board

I can show you better than I can tell you, here are some of my vision boards. These represent different areas of my life and I plan to keep them for a while. This weekend I plan to create my 2018 vision board. Keep reading and I will explain the different types.

With a vision board,  you can define, through words and pictures, the vision for your life and your year. Before creating one I would suggest that you take some time out to define your goals and what success means to you personally. Use a journal or notepad to write the kind of life you want. There is power in writing your goals down by hand, as it allows your mind to explore freely what you want. To help you get started here are some of the life areas you might want to focus on, there are many more of course:

  • Relationships: Love, Family & Friends.
  • Health and Fitness
  • Personal Development
  • Lifestyle: Social life/ Recreation & Fun
I wrote more about figuring out what you want in another blog post: To get what you want you have to know what you want.

Vision boards are a great way to keep your dreams and goals prominent in your daily life. It can motivate and inspire you to create the life you want.

Types of Vision boards:
The two main types of vision boards to create are a physical or digital vision board, the rest is up to you. Here are some ways in which you could create your own vision board:

You can have one main one to represent your whole life  or a few different vision boards for different parts of your life.


  • Personal or Professional life 
  • Couple goals 
  • Your Goals for 2018 

Why should you make a vision board and how does it work

Just like goal setting, having a vision board helps you have a clearer direction to go in and a target to focus on. With a vision board, you can visualize what you want and who you want to become every time you look at it. Many studies have proven the power of visualization and many successful people today have expressed how they saw their success before they created it.

Focus on what you want - vision boards @nclengineer

Creating a vision board must motivate you to take action, you should have powerful emotions attached to the words and pictures you place on it. The most important thing about creating a vision board that works is knowing the feeling you want to have when you have attained or achieved the things on your vision board. You must have a powerful feeling for each item you want to have on your vision board.  

Review your vision board every year to see what you want to change, add or remove depending on where you are in life. Or simply create a new one every year. This is easier when you have a digital vision board.

[If you have any questions or need some help creating your vision board, feel free to contact me.]

How to make your own Intentional vision board

STEP 1 - Know what you what

Write down your goals and vision for your life.  

STEP 2 - Collect

Collect all the things you want to include on your vision board

  • Words 
  • Pictures
  • Quotes 
  • Affirmations 
  • Your own real-life pictures 
  • Small meaningful items

STEP 3 - Create a digital or physical vision board (Have FUN!)

Digital Vision Board

  • Find words, pictures, quotes etc on Google and Pinterest
  • You can use - or
  • Create a collage of your images and words
  • Print it on a large A3 paper and frame it
  • Or get it printed as a poster at your local printing shop

Physical Vision Board:

  • Set aside 2-3 hours for yourself to do this.
  • Make it fun, have some food, drink, and music to get you in a happy and relaxed mood. Maybe even light some candles to create the perfect atmosphere.
  • You can do it alone or have a few friends over and do it as a group - have a vision board party.

Vision board essentials - what you will need:
  • Cork board or Paper
  • Magazines
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pen
  • Stickers
  • Highlighters
  • Drawing pins
  • Photos
  • Postcards
  • Small items that you love
Cut out all the Pictures; Quotes; Images; Words that you feel represent the life you want.

Once you have all the items you want, take some time to decide where you want to place the items before putting them on permanently - you can put them at random or group them into categories. (like putting all the health and fitness pictures/words together)

Then stick the items on to your paper or pin them on your board

Once you have completed your vision board if you used a cork board you can hang it up somewhere where you’ll be able to see it everyday. Or if you have a paper version, put it in a frame so that it will last longer.

Where to put your vision board:

  • Somewhere where you will see it daily
  • On a wall or on a door
  • Your phone/laptop/PC desktop/iPad if it’s a digital version or take a picture of your physical one and put it on any of your digital devices to look at during the day

FREEBIE - Download these 3 free printables to help you list what you want in your life so that you can create an empowering vision board.

Goals Life goals Vision Board 2018 @nclengineer

Natalie-Claire x


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