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2017 - Review, Reflect and Look Forward to 2018

What a year 2017 has been, a rollercoaster (just like every year!). Although there were ups and downs the highs clearly outweigh the lows and for that, I am so grateful. God has truly been good to me and my family.

To see a review of how the first half of my year went see this previous post - Goals, Challenges and Successes – 2017

Goals - my 4 goals for 2017 that I shared with you (online) were:

  1. To run a 10km race - Manchester Great run.
  2. Upgrade my blog to look and feel more like a professional website.
  3. Develop my public speaking skills and be a guest speaker at an event.
  4. To prepare for marriage and build a strong foundation for a happily married life. (I’m getting married! :)


My blog - I feel that I have not done as much as I had wanted to do with the look of my blog. I made a few changes here and there but nothing major. I’m slightly disappointed by this but I’ve realised that making decisions on what changes to make for my blog hasn't been easy and have at times made me more unsure of what to choose. (I think I need some help in this department or a course on blogging - if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments below.)

Life - simply put life is unpredictable and sometimes we have to put everything on hold to focus on loved ones and family then everything else just has to take a back seat.

Lesson - I learned that it’s okay to put things on hold, for a while, and you focus on that which is really important in life. There is a season for everything - moving forward, slowing down or even taking a step back when necessary.


  • I completed my 10km run - in May 2017
  • Public speaking - even though I haven't had a specific event to speak at, I've realised that my self-confidence has increased this year.
  • Prepare for marriage/ wedding planning - preparing for marriage hasn’t been easy because there is a lot of things to work on when two people are joining their lives together, however, we are working together to create and build a strong foundation for our future. Planning a wedding, now that’s even more complicated. First of all is the cost of the wedding... I won't go into all the details now but I'm sure it will be a future blog post on finances!

What does 2018 hold for me:

I have a few ideas and goals in mind for 2018 but I’m planning on spending my New Year's day goal setting, I did it this year, 1 Jan 2017 and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Next year, 1 Jan 2018, I plan to go for a long walk in the countryside with my fiancé so that we can declare our couples goals for the year while getting some fresh air. We have a wedding to plan after all and a review of our progress this year will be the main topic of conversation.

I hope you’ve had a great year and if not I hope you plan to do so next year. Setting goals is only the first step, taking action is the more important and biggest step we can take to change our lives for the better.

FREE Downloads:

I've designed 2 free printable downloads for you with questions to help you review your year and questions to help you look forward to 2018. 

Click HERE > Review 2017 and Look Forward < Printable worksheets!

FREE Printable - Review 2017 and Look Forward 2018

Natalie-Claire x


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