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5 Great Blogs to Read and Follow

One thing that inspired me to start blogging was reading other blogs written by young ambitious women. Their stories of learning tough life lessons, excelling in their career and following their passions encouraged me to do the same.

For over 2 years I've shared my own experience in this little corner of the internet. I have been able to express myself and give my own perspective on life as a twenty-something. By writing on this blog I have learnt a lot about myself.
5 Great Blogs-bloggers to read and Follow

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do and maybe discover someone new:
This blog is amazing because of the combination of personal development, inspiration and beauty topics that Fiona writes about. As you know, I am also passionate about personal development. Fiona previously had a natural hair and beauty blog but has since pivoted her direction and got focused on her life, business and personal growth as a young woman.

She released this new blog in 2016 and I have been reading all her new content (and watching her YT videos of course) on life & well-being, love - being a wife, business - blogging & money and Self-Care - hair & beauty. This new blog grabbed my attention because of her decision to focus on pursuing her purpose in life and to inspire other women to do the same.
I'm sure you will appreciate what she is doing with her blog /brand as she grows and it expands worldwide.   

The Scientific Beauty by Sophie (now Dr. Sophie with a PhD)
A scientific beauty blogger, what a fabulous combination. As a woman in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Maths) myself, it is fantastic to see other women in STEM who express all aspects of their lives and are passionate about a variety of things. Just because we are women in STEM that doesn't mean we can’t also love fashion and beauty.
Sophie writes about the real science behind the beauty products we use and explains the scientific terms into plain English. Her dedication to science and writing has helped her to land her dream job in science communication, which allows her to travel the world in style while doing what she loves.

Dephne’s blog is an extension of her wonderful YouTube channel. Her zeal for sharing her faith to the world boldly is something I admire about her. Dephne covers topics on Christianity, life as a woman of God and hair/beauty tips.

She is a talented author - with 3 books under her belt, fashion designer - she designs and makes most of her own clothes and speaker. If you are someone who is also developing their own walk with God, do check out her wonderful videos of prayers and bible studies packed full of empowering words sourced directly from the Bible. 

Her graceful and modern way of sharing God's word enheartens and uplifts your soul.     

Pretty Green Tea by Daisy
A lifestyle and travel blog that lets us watch(read) about Daisy’s life, travels and business. Her down to earth blog posts are relatable in many ways. Her blog posts on city escapes, business, personal development and mindfulness give real honest tips and advice on coping with life as a young adult.
The variety of topics covered on her blog keeps you reading and helps to propell you in actually taking action on her advice and recommendations.

Patricia Bright - Youtube star, wife, mother and business woman.
Most people know Patricia from her YouTube channel but I have come to really enjoy her blog too. She writes all about life, beauty, style and inspirational advice. She writes and talks about both outer beauty and inner beauty. Personal development and positivity are what motivates her to do and be the best she can be.  
Her confidence and determination to be a success in everything that she does while sharing her journey and lessons with the world is inspiring. If you want to fire up your #girlboss aspirations then she is one to follow.

One common thread that you can see with each one of these women is that they are pursuing both their career/business paths and their personal passions. That is exactly what I am striving to do in my life. As millennial women, we have a great advantage because of the many opportunities available to us to use our talents and thrive in multiple industries.

Although there are at least 20 other international bloggers I could share with you, I wanted to highlight the young women in the UK making it happen!

Tell me in the comments below which blogs you enjoy reading?

Natalie-Claire x 

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