20 Jun 2017

How Goals Lead to Success - Mid-Year Review


This year, I decided not to share my goals publicly on the blog, for one simple reason - I was embarrassed about what happened last year...

I made my 2016 goals public and although I wanted to achieve everything I didn't. I certainly had the intention to complete them but, my actions didn't follow suit. (I'm human.) I did well with my personal development as my passion it was easy to execute this goal but I struggled to stay consistent with learning a new language and keeping fit.

So at the beginning of this year, I decided to share my goals with just my subscribers. That way I could be more accountable to those that have engaged with me online. Also, it felt easier to share my goals with a few people, and not the entire world online.

However, now that we are half-way through the year I feel comfortable to let you know a few things that I have been striving for this year and what I hope to achieve in 2017:

Mid-Year review Goals

My 2017 Goals

I have set 8 Goals for myself this year and I will share 4 of them with you:
  1. Run a 10km race. 
  2. Upgrade my blog to look and feel like a professional website. 
  3. Develop my public speaking skills and be a guest speaker at an event. 
  4. To prepare for marriage and build a strong foundation for a happily married life. (Oh I'm engaged if you didn't already know :) 
A good friend of mine told me it's a good idea not to tell everyone all/ your exact goals, so the other 4 are just for myself. I might let you know what they are, at the end of the year if I feel brave enough to do so.

If you haven't yet set your goals for 2017, it's never too late to do so. Here is a free Printable for you to write them down: My 2017 Goals 

Goals Printable worksheet


  • Upgrade my Blog - work in progress 
    • I have looked at the hundreds of available website layouts/ themes out there and I love so many of them....but to be honest I'm scared to just pick one and make a decision... ideally I would get a custom design but that could cost me a lot of money, which I don't have, since I'm saving for a wedding now...(if you have any tips or affordable recommendations let me know!
  • Speak at an event - work in progress 
    • I do speak and have spoken at a few STEM-related events but I'm trying to branch out of my comfort zone and try speaking about life and personal development. 
    • I would love to speak at an event on the topics I'm passionate about: goal setting, productivity, getting focused on what you want in life and being organised. My confidence, in general, has increased so much since I discovered personal development. 


The best part of setting goals is actually achieving them!

  • 10km Run - I completed the Manchester Great Run - 10km at the end of May. 
    • I was able to do this by creating powerful habits, being consistent with my training and tracking my process, weekly. I wrote about this last month: Success is a habit

black female blogger UK

  • Develop my Public Speaking Skills - I have now joined Toastmasters, to improve my public speaking skills. 
    • It's a great way to meet new people while learning a new skill. The course and training system is a great package. It is self-paced so you can go as fast or slow as you want to, depending on your own goals. To my surprise, there is a lot more to the programme than I had initially thought and once I joined, I found out there's a whole range of other skills to learn on top of practising how to speak in front of people. 
  • Prepare for Marriage - work in progress 
    • There is a lot that goes into preparing for a marriage, like knowing each other's life goals and ambitions, making many decisions on life now and the future and even premarital counselling if we choose to do so. 
    • We have of course up to this point got to know each other very well. Our values and future plans align. And we have similar aspirations for the future in which we support each other wholeheartedly. 
    • The first step we have taken is to read books on relationships, have deep discussions on what we want in life and how we want to lead our married life. 
    • And we also have an APP that we are using - which I feel is a sort of modern way to premarital counselling. 

For the rest of the Year I am going to focus on:

  • Finding a speaking engagement. 
  • Updating my blog. 
  • Continue working on preparing for marriage. 
  • And planning a wedding of course. 

There are still 6 months left to work on my goals and hopefully complete most if not all.

Tell me in the comments below: what are some of your 2017 goals?

Natalie-Claire x 

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