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Powerful Illustrations to inspire girls into STEM

There is always more we can do to inspire young girls into STEM: Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics.  And like me, there are many women (and men) promoting STEM subjects to girls. It is through these advocates that women in STEM industries are gaining visibility and a voice to inspire the next generation.  

Together Totaljobs, and the co-founder of STEMettes, Jacquelyn Guderley, have created motion illustrations, each depicting the journey and biases many young girls endure in the early stages of their STEM journey.

Each illustration (shown below), is supported by inspirational advice [in the original article on Totaljobs], helping to dispel the stereotypes and gender boundaries.   

You can read Jacquelyn Guderley’s advice on how to smash the gender stereotypes here: Girls in STEM: Smashing the Stereotypes

Opening Doors

Women in STEM
Teachers, parents and mentors can all support and guide you through your first steps to STEM.

Looking Beyond the Labels 

Women in STEM

A love for learning and a curiosity for how things work helped me to get into the STEM industry. 

Jobs for the Girls 

Women in STEM
I'm blessed to have a wonderful mother, who has always encouraged me and supported my inquisitive mind. She has always told me I can do whatever I put my mind to, which has helped me in the times where I lost confidence in myself. 

Smashing the Stereotypes 

Although I get asked the question "A woman doing engineering?", I am never deterred by it, there are many more people who are encouraging and supporting diversity in the industry.

Remembering the pioneers 

Women in STEM
Without the great women of our past, we wouldn't be here today. Like the ones depicted in the picture and others like  Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson the three African-American women mathematicians who worked at NASA and helped to get an American astronaut into space.

Finding Inspiration

Women in STEM
Visibility of the women who are in STEM industries is essential to encouraging more young girls to follow a career in STEM: Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics. 

Options for Girls

Women in STEM
The STEM sector has an incredibly wide range of career options available to young women today and many of them have shortages in the UK. 

Opportunity Knocks 

Women in STEM

Both the article and illustrations are supported by the British Science Association. With thanks to TotalJobs and Jacquelyn Guderley for creating these illustrations. Read the original article here: Girls in STEM: Smashing the Stereotypes

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