30 Aug 2016

Stop worrying about what other people think

Do you ever feel like sometimes you are so concerned about everything and everyone else that you forget about taking care of yourself?

August has been a challenging month for me: ups, downs and everything in-between. In both my personal and professional lifethey have been extremely demanding of my time, skills and capabilities (more like a complete shake up in my work-life balance). Although I had a lot to deal with I still felt that I had to complete and attend to all my regular commitments as normal.

1 Aug 2016

Real Women in STEM: Jacky A.

The power of the internet has made this happen. Jacky (currently in Australia) and I met through a mutual Facebook group that focuses on personal development. After spotting each other as engineers in the group we connected and started exchanging emails.

She is a real woman in STEM and this lady is definitely one to watch - a female engineer with a great future ahead.

Bio: My name is Jacky Ayo-Opio. I am 22, and an engineer. I love all things creative - sketching, 
painting, braiding, designing and building; and all things active - from running to playing various sports, and random outdoor activities.

Picture 1 ( Right). Christmas in Uganda 2015 - I am of Ugandan heritage, I didn’t get to go there often as a child, however in the last 6 or so years I have gone every 2nd year with my parents and brother. It is a place that is, though unfamiliar, has a feeling of belonging, because it is where my family is from - it is such a strange feeling to hold about a place. This photo was taken in my dad’s village, and I just love the happiness that seen on my face mid-dance.

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