15 Apr 2016

Real Women in STEM: Dr Rosine

I am happy to present to you another great woman in STEM Dr Rosine, who is a good friend of mine. We met at university during our undergraduate degree - civil engineering and although we have taken different paths; she continued in academia and I am venturing out into industry. We are both very passionate about engineering and encouraging other women to go out there and have a career in STEM.


My name is Dr Rosine Tepondjou originally from Cameroon. I recently obtained my PhD in Geotechnical engineering at the University of Salford with an undergraduate degree in civil engineering. 

Brought up in a bilingual country, I speak both French and English fluently. As I was growing up I was always fascinated by nature, infrastructure and soils which has my driven ambition to study civil engineering and specialise in geotechnical engineering (Soil study).

Besides my passion for engineering, I enjoy cooking, watching movies, crochet and spending time with friends. During the course of my studies, I was working part time which was a very challenging experience during my PhD degree. Combining both studies and work was a dilemma but with perseverance and patience it all paid off at the end and it required a great deal of time management.

1 Apr 2016

Work smarter not harder


I came across this quote one afternoon while doing some personal development tasks. 

I was  starting to wonder if all this 'personal development' I'm  doing for myself was actually helping in any way. And when I read this quote I realised something important: working on yourself actually helps you to improve all the other parts of your life that you wouldn't think need any improvements. 

It slowly creeps into every area of your life - in a good way of course. For example being able to recognise when something is not working and you need to either change it or improve it. 

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