1 Apr 2016

Work smarter not harder


I came across this quote one afternoon while doing some personal development tasks. 

I was  starting to wonder if all this 'personal development' I'm  doing for myself was actually helping in any way. And when I read this quote I realised something important: working on yourself actually helps you to improve all the other parts of your life that you wouldn't think need any improvements. 

It slowly creeps into every area of your life - in a good way of course. For example being able to recognise when something is not working and you need to either change it or improve it. 

While working on my weekly review I learnt an important lesson of changing things that are not working. This is what review day looks like for me: I look back over my original plan for the week and comparing it to what actually happened. 

I complete my reviews by asking 3 simple questions: 
- What went well and WHY? 
- What didn't work and WHY? 
- What can I change or improve? To have a more productive schedule next week.

Unfortunately, this review wasn't looking so good, I discovered that I had a terrible week.... in terms of sticking to my schedule - not much had gone according to the original plan and I was starting to feel like I had failed. 

However, by going through the 3 simple questions above I was able to clearly identify what had gone wrong, why it happened and how I can change my plans to improve my outcome.  

Gaining additional skills of learning how you work efficiently only adds to your overall productivity at school, work and at home. Being able to be the best you in every situation only adds value to yourself, your tasks and to everyone else around you.

Tell me, in what ways are you  working smarter and not harder?

Natalie-Claire x

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