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CodeGirl: The movie

Event: CodeGirl Movie Screening

Venue: Co-operative Head Office, Angel Square. Manchester 

On arrival, we were welcomed with a drinks reception and a guest pass to enter. The event began with an introduction from Danielle, one of the organisers [Ladies of code] and the tech director of our host The Co-operative Group. 

They both focused on the importance of encouraging girls to get involved in tech and to start learning how to code from any age. 

The Movie: 

The movie is more of a docu-film, it is about an international competition for girls in high school to take part in. They have to create an APP that solves a problem within their community. They have to design and code the APP themselves and present a video demo of how it works as part of the competition entry. 

Some of the criteria that they have to follow include: 
  • Teamwork 
  • Source code for the APP
  • Business plan 
  • Video presentation 
With the assistance of a mentor the girls had to complete the project before the deadlines. Once completed they had to send their video clip to the judges at Technovationexplaining what problem their app solves.

The competition is open to entries from around the world and this brought a wide variety of creative ideas and fantastic solutions.

The finalists are then invited to a 2-day event in America: World Pitch. They present their app to the judges and to each other. They also get to have a few trips to some of the most famous tech companies in the world such as Google and Twitter. 

This gives them a better insight to how women in these companies are thriving.

In summary:

All the girls who enter the competition are so talented and the skills they learnt in a short time frame is so impressive: coding and entrepreneurship.

I think that the competition is a great way to really get young girls more involved in the world of tech and use those skills to change the world. 

What problem would you solve if you had to enter? 


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