16 Feb 2016

February Inspiration

This was a wake-up call for me, I had a number of goals in mind but didn't actually make a plan to complete (some) them. And this is where your goal ends and becomes a wish. If you are not willing to take the time to create a plan, on how you are going to accomplish it just remains a pipe dream. 

How hard can it be to sit down one evening and write out a simple step-by-step plan to how you will accomplish your goals. Easier said than done most of the time right? Because we get too busy with work/family/friends and life in general gets in the way. The daily routine takes over, I would be the first to put my hand up and say I do it: getting my daily tasks, projects and chores done (although not necessarily more important) but it needs to get done, so I procrastinate on planning and tell myself I'll do it tomorrow...

This has to STOP! It is important to make time to work on your self-development, which includes planning how to achieve your goals.  For me, I try to do this on Sunday afternoons after I've had a lovely Sunday lunch and I feel relaxed. This is a great time for me to just make a simple list of goals, then pick one that I can start working on.

Sometimes if it is a long-term goal, I just write 3 simple steps I can do to get started and this might be:

1. Research 
2. Contact someone to help me or inform me further
3. Set a date to begin working on this goal

 What goals do you have that you can start working on by just making a plan?

Natalie-Claire x

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