24 Feb 2016

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 Natalie-Claire x

16 Feb 2016

February Inspiration

This was a wake-up call for me, I had a number of goals in mind but didn't actually make a plan to complete (some) them. And this is where your goal ends and becomes a wish. If you are not willing to take the time to create a plan, on how you are going to accomplish it just remains a pipe dream. 

How hard can it be to sit down one evening and write out a simple step-by-step plan to how you will accomplish your goals. Easier said than done most of the time right? Because we get too busy with work/family/friends and life in general gets in the way. The daily routine takes over, I would be the first to put my hand up and say I do it: getting my daily tasks, projects and chores done (although not necessarily more important) but it needs to get done, so I procrastinate on planning and tell myself I'll do it tomorrow...

8 Feb 2016

3 Books that Changed my Life

Getting through my early twenties was a challenge(A little scary to admit but I felt completely overwhelmed to become this adult everyone expects you to be). 
At times I felt like I had no control over my world, both personally and professionally. I needed to do something about it. And these three books saved me from crumbling. 

1. The defining decade by Dr Meg Jay.

 I started reading this book just before I hit 25 and honestly, it was a life saver. It helped me realise that this is the decade to define who and what you want to become. Dr Jay as an expert writes about the lies and misconceptions society tells us to believe about what our twenties should look like, the reality, however, can be a little disappointing. And she helps us make sense of it all.  

The three main areas of focus highlighted in the defining decade are Work; Love; The brain and the body.
Using your twenties to build your identity in the field of your choice, by building on your professional capital you increase your self-esteem and build upon your qualifications. Dr Jay writes about taking the time to explore new opportunities, meet new people and challenge yourself more, thus generating growth and change in your life.
By carefully defining your own career path, not one dictated to you by your family or friends, you can combine both your talents and passions to create the life you want.  


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