29 Jan 2016

Real Woman in STEM: Anne S.

I am happy to present another great woman in STEM, who is loving life and her career. She is a computer scientist with a passion for helping people.

Name: Anne Ssuuna
I am a gal who loves and thrives on technology. As a Seventh day Adventist Christian I always say to God you are the IT expert and I am the hands. I love helping people resolve their technical issue. Every day is a new day with new problems ready to be fixed.

Subject/Industry: Computing (Computer Science)
Job title- what you do: Infrastructure Analyst
Typical daily routine:
Communicating and providing support to staff, students and visitors within the school of computer science and the University either face to face, via the phone or through email.

Complete system administrator tasks such as creating staff and students accounts whilst using Linux.  Resolving and repairing machines (computers and laptops)issues, dealing with Linux ,  Windows and MAC operating systems, network issues, printers, virus and malware issues, dealing with both bespoke and vendor software applications as well as calling vendors to resolve or order for specific applications and computer items.
         Providing IP address to new machines and resetting passwords within the School of Computer Science at university of Manchester.
Do you love your job and why?
Yes I do because every day is a new day to fix problems and to see happy faces once its done.
Have you had any good or bad experiences as a woman in your industry? What experiences have you had as a black  woman? 
Honestly I love my job. Being the only gal on the team is cool. I just love what I do. Colour does not bother me. I cannot force anyone to like me. So long as I provide users the service they need that is a job well done. The men in my team encourage me to do my best.
How did you get to where you are today - school, subjects, key decisions:
Ø  I studied hard and I mainly did science subjects.
Ø  My degrees were both challenging and fun.
Ø  Coming from a family of strong women( My family is multinational)
    People that inspire you and why:
Ø  People who never give up
Ø  My mum she is a scientist.
Ø  Women leaders in the world who can do it all, being a wife, a mother and a manager or a leader or in employment for example Hillary Clinton
   Word of encouragement to younger women who want to have a career in STEM.
Ø  Never give up on your dream.
Ø  If people do not like you that is their problem not yours since you are a strong woman.
Ø  Do not let society think for you … you think for yourself.
    Other interests (outside of STEM):
Just having fun and messing about with technology. Hey am geek gal!!!

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