6 Jan 2016

January Musings


This quote has helped me many times when I have felt that people have judged me due to my appearance, circumstance or any other unknown reason. At the time I would feel hurt but after reading this quote, I find myself re-evaluating the situation and thinking to myself: why am I so concerned about how this person is treating me. Instead, why don't I just stop worrying about them and focus on how I want to treat others.

The quote reminds me that if I want to see change, I should start with myself. How will I treat others and interact with them. If I treat others well that is a good and positive action. 

I hope this short message inspires you today! 

Now it's your turn: What quote has made you re-evaluate yourself instead of judging others?

Natalie-Claire x

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  1. "What other people think of you is none of your business." On the one hand, this is a bit daft - there are plenty of contexts - many work-related - where other people's opinion of you cannot be ignored. But the underlying principle is good: in general, what other people are thinking about you represent their own private thoughts, hidden away within their head. And that really is none of your business and is not worth worrying about. It only matters if it affects their behaviour in a way that impacts on you - but even then, often we make assumptions about other people's behaviour, based on our own paranoias, which turn out to be wrong.

    1. Yes, I like that one too! You're right there are certain situations in which a person's opinion do count, especially if it is criticism that will develop you and improve your skills/performance.
      In another blog post I plan to write about handling criticism.
      Thank you for your comment.


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