29 Jan 2016

Real Woman in STEM: Anne S.

I am happy to present another great woman in STEM, who is loving life and her career. She is a computer scientist with a passion for helping people.

Name: Anne Ssuuna
I am a gal who loves and thrives on technology. As a Seventh day Adventist Christian I always say to God you are the IT expert and I am the hands. I love helping people resolve their technical issue. Every day is a new day with new problems ready to be fixed.

Subject/Industry: Computing (Computer Science)
Job title- what you do: Infrastructure Analyst
Typical daily routine:
Communicating and providing support to staff, students and visitors within the school of computer science and the University either face to face, via the phone or through email.

6 Jan 2016

January Musings


This quote has helped me many times when I have felt that people have judged me due to my appearance, circumstance or any other unknown reason. At the time I would feel hurt but after reading this quote, I find myself re-evaluating the situation and thinking to myself: why am I so concerned about how this person is treating me. Instead, why don't I just stop worrying about them and focus on how I want to treat others.

The quote reminds me that if I want to see change, I should start with myself. How will I treat others and interact with them. If I treat others well that is a good and positive action. 

I hope this short message inspires you today! 

Now it's your turn: What quote has made you re-evaluate yourself instead of judging others?

Natalie-Claire x

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